Pukang micro customer service

Pukang Micro Customer Service is an application software that provides comprehensive after-sales service to end customers. It is the best choice for customers to systematically manage their purchased products and enjoy new and convenient after-sales service.


Customers can view detailed information of purchased products in real time; download and view product information such as product instruction manuals, quick operation guides, relevant academic literature, and product-related videos; grasp the market trends of new products, academic conferences at various exhibitions, and other publicity information anytime, anywhere.


On the basis of information services, it also provides real-time online after-sales service support: installation and acceptance scheduling, product failure reporting and repair, maintenance progress inquiry, and replacement of spare parts, so as to safely realize the non-delayed response of the after-sales service team. In addition, special after-sales services such as value-added extended warranty, product migration, quality training, and follow-up visits give customers a new experience.

Detailed usage

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How to download Pukang Micro Customer Service APP

① Apple download: App Store, search for "Pukang micro customer service" and click to download and install

② Android download: all major application markets can be downloaded (360 mobile assistant, application sink, Baidu mobile assistant, 91 market, Android market, oppo market) search "Pukang micro customer service" click to download, install;

③ Scan QR code to download and install:

What are the functions of Pukang Micro customer service?

① The APP homepage keeps up with Pukang's publicity activities at any time.

② View Pukang products and profiles by product type (function evaluation, sports rehabilitation, physical therapy, physical health)

③ Check the device number, equipment manual, maintenance status, etc. of the purchased equipment.

④ Application for installation acceptance, product maintenance, value-added extended warranty, spare parts, product relocation, quality training

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How to quickly contact after sales?

Click the phone icon in the upper right corner, dial the after-sales phone, and you can quickly contact.

Response time for equipment maintenance?

During the warranty period, the response time of the technical after-sales department of our company to repair and replace missing parts: ≤8 hours,
Emergency site repair time, local: ≤12 hours, field: ≤48 hours, on-site failure repair time ≤24 hours.